You Have Given Your All

Gay Pedersen, a poet, daughter, sister, mom and “gramma,” beautifully articulates the feelings of her heart in this poem about accepting mistakes of the past.

It is Enough

I am imperfect. I have sinned. I have met with failure…..
I’ve anguished over my shortcomings
And wept over my inadequacy .
As a mother
And as a grandmother
I have significant limitations
In my quest to be the “best gramma ever”.
I am unable to create incomparable, unforgettable events
For my grandchildren
Or offer them world’s of unceasing magical wonder and fun.

Sometimes when they laugh and play
I am confined to the role of observer rather than participant.
They do enjoy sitting on my lap
For wheelchair rides when my strength is good.

I can’t go back and repair the mistakes
I made with their parents (who I love unconditionally and forever)
Or protect them from other imperfect people and ideas swirling around them
But hopefully in life
When the bottom falls out
I can be a soft place to land.

I can listen to them.
I can express my love for and pride in them every day.
I can remind them that they are magnificent and eternal
And children of a God.

These simple gifts are given me by my Maker
To lavish upon my little ones.
I am grateful
But God forgive me
I harbor a quiet longing
To be more.

Yet when I approach Him
He sends a sunrise kind of calm.
He smiles and reminds me of the covenant design
He has asked of my life
Knowing full well the burdens He has laid upon my shoulders.
His words emerge, a balm of peace
“You have given your all. It is enough.
It is enough.”

This poem is in the article  3 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Mistakes.

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