Why Children Can’t Read Anymore and A Solution

PROVO JUNE 27, 2016 – According to the Utah State Office of Education, in the 2014-2015 school year 70% of economically disadvantaged children were considered non-proficient in the subject of Language Arts.There are a few ideas about why that is the case. Here is one that has some research behind it.According to a 2013 study, children who do not have a lot of books in their home are watching TV instead of reading. The more TV a child watches the worse they score on school readiness assessments.

Mikarose believes that Utah locals have an abundance of reading material worth donating to children in economically challenged environments and has paved the path for this to happen.

Every Thursday until the world ends Mikarose is accepting book donations appropriate for ages 3-18 at their storefront within the Orem University Mall. If helping children in need is not enough motivation, Mikarose is also offering 15% off an entire purchase amount good for the day of the book donation. There is not a maximum donation requirement.

Mikarose has always made an effort to contribute to the community from finding someone on the street and giving them a makeover to donating product to Deseret Industries.

Brad Lawson, CEO of Mikarose gives this invitation:

“In the information age we hear about a lot of problems but not a lot of solutions. Here we have provided one solution to one problem. Any one is welcome to help – you do not have to buy a single thing to get rid of an old book and drop it off at our store.”

Mikarose welcomes ideas and suggestions. Email: melissat@mikarose.com to share an idea about improving the community.

Mikarose is a small business started in 2006 by Brad and Mika Lawson in response to the niche demand for stylish modest clothing at an affordable price.


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